I wasn’t officially in foster care, but do not have parental support. Can I still qualify for Inspire?

No, I’m sorry we are a program that is specific to youth that were in the foster care system.

I’m coming out of a probation placement; can I still apply for Inspire?

If you have a duel placement of both probation and foster care then you can apply. However, if you were only in a probation placement you do not qualify for Inspire.

How long can I stay in the program?

Youth in our program can stay up to 5 years as long as they are progressing in earning a Bachelor’s Degree.

What is the average stay in the program?

Most of our students tend to stay for 2.5-3 years. They may finish their AA or certificate program and move out on their own or they are ready to transfer to a University.

I was in a guardianship home, can I still apply?

Yes, if your guardians have asked you to move out or you think it is in your best interest to move out.

I haven’t finished my GED or High School Diploma, can I still apply?

You can apply, but you will not be able to be accepted into the program until you complete your diploma or pass the GED. The only exception to this guideline is if you are enrolled full time in Gateway to College.

Do you have homes in Orange County or LA County?

No, at this time Inspire only has homes in Riverside and San Bernardino County.

Can I just live in my own apartment?

No, all of our youth live in single family homes with other youth and a volunteer Resident Advisor. This brings a sense of community and gives you others to relate to and encourage each other on the journey to become educated.

Do I get my own room/bathroom?

Most of the youth share rooms and bathrooms. In a couple of our homes we have singe rooms, but these are given based on seniority.

Is there a “house parent”?

Inspire does not have “group homes” and does not have paid staff in the homes, however, we do have volunteer Resident Advisors who live with the youth to be a positive role model. They will also participate in weekly chores and oversee the upkeep of the home and help with any conflict management if necessary.

Can I just work full time and be in Inspire?

No, while we appreciate that not everyone has desires to attend college or a vocational program we have a very focused mission statement. We believe that education is usually the best way to break the cycle of abuse and poverty and will empower the youth the make positive choices in their life. Therefore, our youth must attend school full time and work 14-20 hours per week as well.
Can I just go to school full time and be in Inspire? Education is the main focus of our program and the reason why we release the financial burden of paying a full rent cost for our students, we also require the students to work part time so that they can pay for their food and other necessary items.

How much $ do I need to get into the program?

We require an initial security deposit of $100 plus the first month’s rent of $100. Many of our youth are able to use their county graduation incentive check or are able to ask ILP to help pay this initial cost.

I don’t have a job yet, can I still get into the program?

Yes, you do not need to already have a job, but all new participants are placed on an initial 60 day probation and we expect them to be actively seeking employment and checking back in on prospects.