The Solution

INSPIRE believes education is the key to breaking the cycle of abuse and poverty in families.

Currently, less than 6% of former foster youth attend college and only 2% obtain degrees. They are in need of educational and employment guidance as well as life skills training and affordable housing. By providing these services, Inspire seeks to assist these youth in overcoming their past and gain the skills and support needed to choose a positive and rewarding future.

Our youth attend college or vocational school full time and work part time while provided with safe and stable housing in a community setting. They are charged a nominal rent per month to help teach self-sufficiency. They receive personal mentoring, professional counseling, life skills training, employment and educational support. One of the keys to our success is our volunteer one on one mentoring program. The youth are modeled healthy lifestyles and choices and are given encouragement and accountability to reach their goals.

Education, employment and wrap around services are preventative measures against unplanned pregnancy, incarceration, drug and alcohol addiction and gang prevention. We teach and model for our youth that they are able to choose a better, more productive life for themselves and break the cycles of abuse and poverty in their families.

INSPIRE has served over 50 former foster youth since 2005. Of those 50, 93% attended college and 82% gained employment while in the program. Many youth have completed degrees or vocational programs with the assistance of Inspire.

What began as one home has now become six – with more planned for the future.