For Social Workers

Youth Eligibility Requirements

  • Prospective participants must be emancipating out of foster care or choosing to stay in care under AB12 and have Inspire approved as a SILP.
  • Homeless youth without family support.
  • Must enter the program before they are 22 years old.
  • They must have completed GED or High School diploma.
  • They must fill out the Inspire application online including attachments and participate in an interview.
  • The youth accepted into the program will demonstrate a desire to make positive life choices and motivation to attend college/vocational school, work part-time and participate in all Inspire training and mentoring sessions.
  • All participants will sign a contract that will detail what is expected from the participant and what services they can expect to receive from Inspire Life Skills Training, Inc.

FAQ’s for Social Workers

Who is a good fit for Inspire?

We are looking for youth that have a strong desire to attend either college or a vocational program full time as well as work part time. They must maintain a sober lifestyle and submit to random drug tests. They must be willing to follow basic house rules and live in a community setting with other foster youth and a volunteer Resident Advisor. They must be open to receiving encouragement, guidance and accountability. We will provide them many resources if they work hard and hold up their end of the deal. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that hopefully your youth with appreciate and value.

I have a youth who has not finished High School yet can they still apply?

Yes, they can apply but they cannot enter the program until they complete their diploma or GED.

I have a youth who is on probation can they be in your program?

The youth must be from foster placement as well, not just straight probation. We then look at each case individually and will see if Inspire is a good fit for that youth. We never want to set someone up for failure and Inspire is a very independent program and we look for motivation and one’s openness to receive advice and support.

Do you accept youth on medication?

Yes, if they are able to manage their health and medication needs independently and they meet the rest of the criteria to be in the program.

How much money do they need to start in Inspire?

We require a $100 security deposit plus $100 for their first month’s rent. Most of the time the youth use their graduation incentive funds or ask ILP to help with the initial move in cost.

How far ahead can they apply?

I think it is wise for the social workers and youth to start looking into their options a year ahead of their graduation date. Look into all the programs that may be a good fit for that youth and you can have them actually apply to Inspire six months prior to graduating or getting their GED.

How long does it take to get in?

Please help to make sure that your youth fills out the entire application including the attachments of high school transcripts, two letters of reference, and an autobiography. If they are incomplete that will greatly slow down the process. Once the application is received we will try to hold an interview within 2 weeks. Sometimes, we will make a decision immediately or we may ask the youth to complete a couple of tasks such as completing five job applications or taking their community college assessments. This helps us to assess their motivation, resourcefulness and ability to ask for help if needed.

Do you keep a wait list?

As you are probably aware foster youth are a very transient population which makes it very difficult for us to keep a wait list. Usually when we call back their numbers are disconnected. We suggest the youth call us and check on available spaces every 2 weeks.

Are you a THP+ program?

No, we are a private nonprofit that does not have any government contracts. We are however, considered a SILP under the new AB12 guidelines. Youth under AB12 will have to pay a higher rate for rent and have a required savings account if they are receiving their monthly funds directly.

Will you take a non-minor dependent?

Yes, if they have completed their GED or diploma and choose to stay in care under AB12 they can still apply and live in an Inspire home. Youth under AB12 will have to pay a higher rate for rent and have a required savings account if they are receiving their monthly funds directly.

Can I come take house tour with my youth?

I am more than happy to speak with you or your youth by phone to see if Inspire may be a good fit for him or her before they apply. We do not however, give house tours to the youth until they have completed the interview process and been accepted. I will gladly give home tours to social workers so that you know the type of homes we have if you set an appointment with me.

For additional information please contact Kristi Camplin at 951.316.0011 or email at