Aging Out & Homeless

Are you aging out of foster care and ready for a new start? Inspire Life Skills Training, Inc. is here to help you through this next step in your life! Our program will provide you with the stable housing you need and provide mentor and training services as you pursue your educational goals that will put you on the path to becoming self-sufficient, responsible, and to make positive life choices.

What’s Next

Worried or stressed about what will happen when you turn eighteen and leave foster care? Wondering where you’ll live, how you’ll get into college, and who’s going to be there to help you through it all? You’ve probably heard the statistics that 65% of former foster youth end up homeless and that less than 6% attend college. Don’t lose hope! You can choose a better life for yourself and Inspire is here to support and guide you through the transition and into a brighter future.

We Emphasize 6 Points

  • Education and Job Training
  • Life Skills Training
  • Part-time Employment
  • Professional Counseling and Medical Care Access
  • Mentoring
  • Housing Assistance

Housing Assistance

Our program gives the youth the opportunity to live independently with other roommates in safe and secure housing that is located near colleges and bus routes. You will be required to pay rent in the amount of $100-150/per month (non AB12 recipients). The youth are also required to save 10% of their income in a savings account. They are expected to attend all life skills classes on budgeting, cooking, cleaning, shopping, interpersonal communication, interviewing skills, etc. Participants are expected to work together to maintain the home in a clean and organized manner. They are required to attend all house meetings and special events.

Life Skills Training

We believe that learning everyday activities are important to having a happy and successful life. Maybe you have never been taught the basics. Twice a month we provide life skills training on some of the following topics:

  • Cooking
  • Nutrition
  • Physical fitness
  • Money management
  • Basic car maintenance
  • Interacting with peers
  • Health education

Education and Job Training

Do you have the desire to attend college and get a job? Need some extra support? Inspire could be the right place for you. The participants chosen for this program are required to be enrolled in college or vocational school taking at least 12 units and working 15-25 hours a week. Inspire will help you with:

  • Completing college applications
  • Financial aid
  • Career guidance
  • Employment skills
  • Resume and Interview Skills

Professional Counseling

Everyone has issues that they need to talk to someone about. Counseling can help with:

  • Dealing with past struggles
  • Daily struggles
  • Transitioning to adulthood


  • Life can be hard to handle at times and you don’t need to go through it alone. We provide each person in the program with a personal mentor. Your mentor provides:
  • Encouragement
  • Accountability
  • Guidance

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